W Craww Small


W Craw Concept

We consider this the very first non defensive crawfish bait purposely made. Biologist agree that wounded forage is an easy target and trigger predatory fish to feed on them. We wanted to be the first to apply this presentation to our W Craw because of the full round mirror body soft bait. The big claws on the W Craw laying down on the bottom resembles harmless prey easy to feed on. After this being said, we must admit we call it W Craw because of the waving action engineered by the heavy claws and skinny arms. Other crawfish imitations with big claws on the market have completely different action even with a similar look.


W Craw Small

The smaller version of the W Craw is the W Craw Small. It is the perfect jig trailer for smallmouth and finicky largemouth. The great waving action on the fall and hop are a true rarity in such a compact artificial crawfish bait. The full round mirror body design technology allows you to rig it on either side and when one side becomes worn out you can switch over to the other side.